2021 Chicago White Sox Depth Chart

Forfeiting the season was evident early for this organization. When you piece out your top players (Chris Sale, Jose Quintana, Todd Frazier, etc.) at a steady clip, the groans and emissions cloud the air for the current times. While the rebuild is in full effect, there is little built-in consistency within the White Sox roster. You have a few everyday talents, but you also have glaring holes that are being occupied by serviceable fill-ins or prospects who are getting their moment in the sun. With the September roster expansion full upon us, now is the time to gain a glimpse of what the White Sox have within the pipeline.

CatcherYasmani GrandalYermin Mercedes
1st BaseJose Abreu
2nd BaseNick MadrigalLeury Garcia
ShortstopTim Anderson
3rd BaseYoan Moncada
Left FieldAndrew VaughnEloy Jimenez
Center FieldLuis RobertBilly Hamilton
Right FieldAdam Eaton
Designated HitterZack CollinsJake Lamb

Top Pitchers

The roster construction for the organization is designed for fluctuation, which tells the story for the starting rotation. Amongst the included starters, only one has recorded double-digit wins. Lucas Giolito was dealt to the team late last season. This 24-year-old shows promising command over off-speed pitches and can go the necessary distance. His 28 starts handed him a 10-10 record and a workable 5.85 ERA. The earned run average is a little inflated due to limited offensive production but gaining this young arm exposure is a key piece to his development. James Shields continues to be the middle-of-the-road talent. His run support numbers aren’t worth mentioning, hence a terrible record. By these standards, a 4.50 ERA is a good number from James. He will help foster a bevy of good arms through the program. Speaking to this young arm talent, the team finally unveiled Michael Kopech to Major League competition. Kopech is the top pitching prospect within the organization and is only 22-years-old. He possesses wicked breaking pitches that flaunt high speeds, marking him as a generational building block. Scouring through the relief pitching does not deliver better news for the team. Jeanmar Gomez is the acting closer, but an ERA over 5.00 and a tendency to walk limits his effectiveness in regard to his role. This is where the team struggles, but new callups can hopefully shift the tides and switch the roles players feature within this rotation.

Top Infielders

One of the main attractions gained in the Chris Sale trade was the uprising youth that Yoan Moncada carries on his shoulders. Moncada is a Cuban native that was signed to a lucrative contract with the Red Sox in 2015. The White Sox forced him into action, forgoing the waiting game. This was the same approach the team took with Jose Abreu. Abreu came aboard with a high signing bonus, marking for his talents to not come cheap. Acquiring Moncada’s contract affords some cap space, but the production across the infield has dampened. Moncada and Abreu are the only constants, while Tim Anderson and Matt Davidson mark for other mentionable players. Nick Madrigal was selected with the 4th overall pick in this year’s draft. He plays second base, which may cause for a workload transfer between him and Moncada. He is only 21-years-old and will be an telling piece to the reshaping and retooling of the infield.

Top Outfielders

Avisail Garcia is marked as the only everyday player in the outfield mix. Garcia’s numbers have tailed from what they used to be. He is only batting .243 this season, nearly 30 points below his career average. The 27-year-old will be a strong piece in developing a new system of outfielders. Waiting in the wings is the talented Eloy Jimenez. In his 55 games at Triple-A Charlotte, Jimenez played owner to a .355 batting average. He also accrued 33 RBIs in 55 contests, which marks for an impressive per game average. He will likely make the club and start the season at the professional level next year. Sorting through the others takes us to failed prospects and older players, which makes for an interesting off-season ahead for the White Sox.

Starting Lineup

It is difficult to detail or paint a picture of the starting lineup for a team that has had some many unique combinations. In truth, there is not an active starting lineup. They have small depth at their positions, but neither option stands out as a true starter over another. You can count on guys like Abreu, Moncada, and Garcia, but beyond that becomes a barren wasteland. To see how the team handles their prospect pool in the off-season will have a direct effect on the solidarity that team takes into 2019.