Depthcharts.com was created to provide simple to read depth charts for NFL, NBA & MLB with interesting analysis. I found myself looking at sites offering depth charts and each one was convoluted with stats and other content I don’t care about. It took me 2 minutes of searching to find actual depth charts I could read; I just wanted a clean site that cut out the extracurricular and provided updated depth chart with real analysis. Side rant: the internet has become overwhelmed with junk. Every site is fighting to stay relevant and in doing so has lost the art of simply being good at one thing. So, every site has 1 Billion banners and pop-ups and videos to try and make some cash and stay alive. However, maybe the way to stay alive is just doing what you’re best at and not everything else. I understand this is a luxury, but fortunately, this is a luxury I have. So, here is my attempt. I will provide nothing but depth charts on each team page plus some written analysis, maybe a video and an image to make it look pretty. All depth charts are updated daily and each page has a time stamp, so you know the last time it was updated.

If I get to a point where I can’t pay the bills and start posting banner ads and popup videos, feel free to reference this page and send me email calling me a hypocrite. On a serious note, I love sports and love building sites like this one. I hope you derive some value from it and come back often.

About Sam Shefrin

Sam Shefrin
This is me in my younger years. I’ve created a number of sports related websites including Lineups.com and DailyFantasyCafe.com. My websites have been featured on NBATV, Yahoo, Bleacher Report among others. We always appreciate people sharing our hard work.


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Happy Depth Charting!